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Using Facebook’s Messenger service for your Business

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By now you probably know that Facebook has a message feature.  One handy detail is that you can set it to ‘Away’ if you don’t have time to respond to messages.

Like other message programs you can categorize messages (‘Resumes’, ‘Potential Clients’, ‘Friends’, … )

There is an instant reply feature where you can maintain a 250 character message that immediately responds to initial messages. This won’t work, however, if your status is ‘Away’.

Personalize a message by adding an image of your logo to it.

While you are reading a message, Facebook includes information about the sender in a separate box – where they work and any notes that you have written on them that only admins can see – a handy feature.

All-in-all this is a handy tool that is very user-friendly and easy to customize. To read more check out this post:

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