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Once upon a time it was easy to tell the difference between good guys and bad guys. Old West movies put a white hat on the hero, while the villain went with basic black.

That colour coding is still in use today, to describe the difference between ethical and unethical SEO methods. “White hat” SEO uses methods approved by search engines to steadily build a reputable web presence satisfying users’ requirements and, over time, bringing the website to the top of search engine rankings. “Black hat” SEO however, uses techniques to fool search engines into rating your site content highly, quickly shooting your website to the top of search results. Unfortunately, the results aren’t lasting. When black hat techniques are discovered by search engine algorithms, your website can get banned from appearing in search results, making it even harder to find than it was in the beginning.

Why do Search Engines Care?

Search engines rely on delivering useful results to users. Useful, trustworthy links are their lifeblood. They win, when users win, when you find the information you’re seeking, without having to wade through countless dummy web pages and bogus sites redirecting you to a service you aren’t looking for. Their entire business model centers on guiding you to your hoped-for results. If your search engine of choice is delivering links to sites that don’t meet your expectations, then you will look for a different way to find what you need. That’s why they need to make sure the sites they deliver in search results are reputable, informative, and “as advertised”.

Good SEO means better search engine rankings. It also means satisfied users, increased traffic, and a boost to your bottom line. Black hat techniques simply can’t deliver these lasting benefits, and may actually hurt your rankings in the long run. It’s not a risk worth taking. At Mastermynde, we only use white hat SEO techniques. Our business, and yours, depend on it. When you choose Mastermynde for search engine optimization, you don’t have to worry about being banned from search engines because of techniques such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, false redirects, and the other methods many fly-by-night SEO companies will use to deliver immediate results.

We will help you to create a solid SEO program, with proven, trusted techniques and long-term strategies delivering a steady, measurable increase in site traffic through organic link building, optimized HTML coding, and recommendations for content and design that will maximize your web site’s popularity with visitors. Visit our contact us page. Request a quote and find out how Mastermynde’s SEO expertise can make your website stand out.

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