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Are you a junior web designer or developer in the Comox Valley/Courtenay area?

Yes, you read that correctly, in the Comox Valley / Courtenay area – I would like to meet you in person at least once.

  • Do you have a good working knowledge of HTML and familiarity with the basics of internet marketing?
  • Are you meticulous and organized and do you take your work seriously?
  • Are you interested in working on a contract basis for 15-20 hours per week?

Initially you will not be doing any design, coding, or development but rather web marketing.

Most communication will be handled via email or though web based project management software. There is the strong potential for more hours. The hours are flexible and the perks are non-existent, unless you count being able to work in your pajamas as a perk.

If we work well together your pay will be fairly negotiable. You will be paid on net-30 terms unless you prefer net-45.

Bonus points if you have a portfolio site and it doesn’t have animated GIFs, tabular layout code, or links to family photo albums. More bonus points if you’re relatively platform agnostic, or are a rabid mac user.

I am not looking for an eccentric creative that dreams about elephants at night and snickers to their own jokes but rather a 4 eyed donut eater who refuses to leave the computer’s side even for a moment. (I just threw this in to see if you were paying attention – you can dream about elephants if you want.)

Contact us if you’re interested. You may want to include some or all of the following:

  1. a cover letter (entertaining is good)
  2. a resume (assuming you’re not an enormously talented high school or college student)
  3. references (see point #2, and yes, teachers or professors can be references)
  4. links to sites you’ve worked on and what you did OR
  5. the URL of your portfolio

Not Located in the Comox Valley?

Or if you otherwise do not fit this description, check out the following sites for other job possibilities:
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