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Interested in Incorporating SnapChat into your social media platform?

Nearly 50% of Canadian teens are using SnapChat(according to Global Web Index). Less and less young people are using Facebook and Twitter possibly because of how full of advertising they have become. And sometimes Mom is there too!

Two ways to engage with your audience is by creating a story or sending snaps. Photos or videos you add to a story are compiled, yet will expire in 24 hours (the same with snaps). Through the use of icons and filters, your story can come across as more engaging and personalized. And it’s possible to see who has viewed your story.

An interesting way for a food-related business to use SnapChat is to create a business-branded filter that people can use when they take photos in your area. For people at your business, it could be a way of sharing with their friends that they are eating at your restaurant. For a retailer it is a way of sharing that they are shopping at your store.

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