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We have an ongoing commitment to sustainability at Mastermynde, with improvements constantly being made to how we do business and respect our ecosystem at the same time.

We already do a lot to reduce our footprint by working from home offices and remotely, but there is always more to do.

In April, 2010 we hired a consultant from CityGreen to do an ecoEnergy assessment of our home/work space, and we are gradually working our way through implementing their recommendations. Upcoming changes include improving basement insulation; replacing doors and windows with energy star equivalents; installing programmable electronic thermostats; replacing toilets with dual flush toilets; upgrading attic insulation and insulating water pipes.

By working from home we have so much more control over whether our work environment is toxic, the quality of the air we breathe, cleaning products we use, and the food we eat for lunch. We purchase a weekly food box that is delivered to us full of yummy organic food and when possible, locally grown produce – and shop as much as possible for organic, locally grown vegetables, grass-fed meat and pasture-raised eggs from places that support locally grown food, such as the local farmer’s market, and we plan to gradually increase what we grow in our garden, watered with recaptured rain water.

We’re recently been referring to the David Suzuki Foundation for inspiration; go green at work, and the green office toolkit and we’re considering how best to get involved with Community Way dollars, inspired by this article on local currencies.

Are you thinking of making some improvements in your office? Ask yourself a few simple things to get started: How are you getting to work? Could you be ride-sharing, using public transportation, bicycle commuting, walking? Are you reducing before recycling? Are you repairing and reusing things before recycling? If you can’t reuse it or repair it, are you recycling before throwing it away? Are you turning your computer off at night? And since it is important to drink a lot of water while working at your computer station, are you thinking about where it comes from? Are you drinking filtered tap water instead of buying bottled water? And where are you sourcing your office supplies from?

While we do believe all of these efforts can have an impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making everything run a little more smoothly, we believe the true impact comes from sharing our efforts with others, having discussions and making more friends, as we make our way to a more resilient community in a post-carbon world.

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