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Leif Jason

Leif Jason, founder of Mastermynde, has a passion for exploring the possibilities of the internet and he is dedicated to helping his clients make smart choices about the web.

He has been a web technology professional for more than a decade and his areas of expertise have evolved to encompass design, marketing, eCommerce, web strategy, maintenance, programming, site usability and architecture.

When he founded Mastermynde in 2002, he wanted to create a consultancy that supported clients by making web technology accessible and useful to their business. In a few short years he has become an essential out-of-house web expert for dozens of companies ranging from business consultancies, real estate agencies, tech companies and security firms to fitness studios, vacation resorts, eCommerce sites and offline stores.

As the consultancy has grown, Leif has developed creative partnerships with a network of talented specialists who supplement the core expertise of Mastermynde. They offer a diverse range of services relating to web development, marketing, design and branding and together they can help you explore your options and develop an original, effective online presence.

Founded: 2002

HQ Location: Comox, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Areas served: Many of our clients are based in two main geographic locations Vancouver (incorporating North Vancouver, West Vancouver and downtown Vancouver) and Vancouver Island (including Courtenay, Comox Valley, Nanaimo and Victoria). However, distance and time are no barrier and our clients range as far field as Colorado, Florida, California and the United Kingdom…

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