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Our partners make you look good. Their structured approach to creative design is based on ongoing communication between you and them.

Logo Design

Whether you’re launching a new business or reinventing an existing one, get help to create a new logo that captures your business and communicates your vision.


When your design needs are more comprehensive get help from start to finish. Your branding toolkit can include guidelines on appropriate usage, corporate typefaces, PowerPoint decks, business cards, marketing and promotional material, clothing, email footers and more.

Graphic Design

You need graphic design services for print collateral, embroidery, signage, and anything else that you’re printing your logo on or promoting your business through.

  • print collateral (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, flyers)
  • embroidery & screen-printing (clothing, t-shirts, jackets)
  • branded promotional items (pens, mugs, temporary tattoos)
  • signage (billboards, bus stops, sandwich boards)

Our main logo & branding partner is Sure Copy.

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