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Our Digital Toolbelt

Today I’m reflecting the tools that help to manage our business. All these have been compared to multiple others and I’m very happy with them.

Trello for project management. Each client has their own board to track discrete tasks, timelines, and assignments.

WP Engine for WordPress web hosting. Their support is ridiculously cheerful, speedy and helpful.

WordPress for websites that are not eCommerce focused, or where eCommerce is a supplementary part of what the site sites.

Shopify for sites that are eCommerce first.

Hover for domain registration & email hosting. The functionality I need, and never an issue in years.

Cloudflare for DNS management. More whiz bang than I need, however everything I want.

Mailchimp for email marketing. Lots of bells and whistles that I’m enjoying learning.

Facebook for Business, Instagram for Business, Twitter for Business.

Unsplash for a huge selection of photography.

Adobe Creative Suite for design software.

Google Analytics for Business for tracking the result of our work.

Stunt Software On The Job for tracking time. Thanks Dan!

FreshBooks for billing and invoicing, and integrated online payment.

And that’s what comes to the top of mind. Ask me questions!

Leif Jason

Online marketing, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and reviews.

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