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We inform you of the impact of this work and identify opportunities for improvement or of concern.

We provide ongoing reports that include any observations related to the work being done, as well as an overview of key metrics compared on a month to month basis. These key metrics include but are not limited to the following:

  • changes in overall site traffic
  • changes in traffic attributable to search engine rankings
  • changes in conversions (clients taking an action once they visit the site, such as filling out a contact form)
  • changes in search phrase rankings (versus competitor changes in rankings)
  • top referring phrases and sites
  • comparative rankings of competitors

Internet marketing delivers measurable, valuable information about customers and their habits. We utilize this wealth of metrics to monitor your website’s performance, identify trends in user behavior, and make recommendations to maximize the value of every visitor. Our understanding of online behavior and user interfaces will quickly locate design or page navigation issues and ensures your brand gains trust at every step. You gain confidence knowing your Internet marketing efforts are based upon solid data and verifiable outcomes.

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