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We will ensure your website is search engine friendly and can be easily spidered and indexed.

Behind the scenes there are many ways of implementing the code of a website that will result in an identical look and feel for the visitor. Not all methods are equally friendly to the search engines and we will provide specific recommendations that will ensure your website is coded in a standards compliant search engine friendly manner. Some specific examples include:

  • usage of <h1> and <h2> tags to indicate primary and secondary headers (may be styled any way)
  • usage of CSS for text styling instead of <font> tags
  • usage of externally referenced CSS and Javascript files rather than inline scripts and styles
  • usage of text links instead of image links where possible
  • navigation links accessible outside of javascript
  • provision of an HTML site map page
  • provision of an XML site map

These changes can have a negligible impact on the look and feel of your site and a noticeable and measurable impact on your site traffic. Barring a comprehensive site redesign, this task is typically finite in nature.

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