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What’s Your Story?

Today I had a lovely conversation with my youngest client about her story and the importance of telling her story on her website. And it led to some reflection on what my business story is.

Sometimes I say “I do online marketing, helping you to understand how to market your business online.”

Or I say “I’m your online matchmaker, matching you and your dream clients with each other.”

And sometimes “I support creative entrepreneurs in pursuing their dreams.” (This part ties in most closely to what I do with LIFT & The Vancouver Island Local Business Network).

I’d like to feel that the work that I do to support my clients will increase the interestingness of the world, particularly this small corner I live in, and consequently lead to a richer life for my children, and the people I care about.

What’s your story?

Online marketing, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and reviews.

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