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A Word About WordPress

Whether you have a website and would like a complete overhaul or are looking for minor changes, we are here to help. All our websites are built in WordPress, a powerful content management system that allows you to make content changes to your website yourself. 25% of all websites are now built in WordPress making it a very powerful platform.

The Internet is constantly evolving and so is WordPress. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the software as well as all plugins up to date. We create backups, make sure that the theme your site is running on is current and that all plugins are updated. This gives you the benefit of new features, better interface and faster load times. It is also important for security reasons.


Before we do any work on your site we create a backup. We do this on a regular basis to ensure peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Backups are stored on your website’s server.


Once your site is backed up, we make sure that theme and plugins are up to date. We will install the most current version of WordPress as well as the latest version of your theme. Then, we delete any obsolete plugins and we suggest plugins that we think might be beneficial to your website. We then update all plugins to make sure the site runs smoothly.

It is important to run your website on the latest versions of software. With updates, new features are introduced and existing ones are improved. It is also crucial with regard to security issues that the website runs on the latest versions.

Some of our maintenance tasks include checking for broken links and malware. We check that you are using a strong password and secure login. We also make sure that your site title is correct and your site is set to the right time zone. If not already existing, we will add a favicon.


We ensure that your website has the necessary information to be indexed by search engines. This includes a title, description and keywords for each new post or page that we create for you. We will also include google analytics tracking code and an XML site map which helps with your search engine rankings. Our team has the know how to take your site further should you be interested in extended online marketing and SEO.

Here is a list of some of the tasks we typically perform:

– Backup your site (databases and files)
– Remove any themes that are not in use
– Update theme in use
– Remove any unused plugins
– Update plugins in use
– Test site after updating
– Check for broken links
– Check for malware
– Ensure that you are using a strong password and secure login
– Check that your site title is correct
– Check that your site is set to the right time zone
– Add a favicon if not already present
– Ensure that your user profile is filled out
– Insert google analytics tracking code
– Set up an XML site map

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