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Create a Quiz for your Business


Have you noticed people in your feed who like to take quizzes, like if you were a superhero you would be x  You can use the same tool to connect with your audience and gather feedback. There are services like ShortStack and Interact which will help you create quizzes and giveaways.

Before you get started you should focus on a few things: what is your goal? To introduce your brand to more people? Inform clients of an event that is coming up.

Next, note what your target audience is looking for and how your business can help them. This way you will come across as being designed for them.

Finally, construct an interactive, fun quiz where clients’ wants and needs are validated.

Once your quiz is done, look at your completion percentage and lead conversion rate. Aim for 80% completion.

Leif Jason

Online marketing, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and reviews.

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