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jan #1 good

I’m attempting a search engine marketing experiment of my own.

Digital Point’s Keyword Suggestion Tool is reporting an aggregate number of 202.2 searches a day (6150.25/month) for “Vancouver Web Design” across the Wordtracker and Overture networks.

Google’s AdWords Traffic Estimator says I’d need to spend $15.71 USD a day (or $477 USD/month) to show up #1 across the AdWords network, at an estimated 5.5 clicks a day at $2.86 a click.

How hard will it be for me to get myself to #1 for that term? It looks like I’m #59 as of today. I’ll track the time that I put into this, the number of searchers that find my site with that term, and see if I can get to #1 for less than $477 USD worth of my time, and what that means in terms of site traffic.


Leif Jason

Online marketing, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and reviews.

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