When deciding whether to work with us, listen to our past and present clients.

Many recommend us to business associates, friends and family, and our growth is sustained by referrals and customer satisfaction. We strive to form real and long-lasting partnerships with our clients and as a result they have become our most enthusiastic advocates.

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Mika SissonenI've worked with Leif as part of a web marketing team at a global software company and have also used the services of Mastermynde Strategy in my job as a web marketing manager. In both capacities, his work has been skillful, highly professional, and on time. I've especially valued his focus on making sure processes are repeatable and efficient.
Mika Sissonen | Business Objects

Alex DunaeLeif is one of my favourite vendors. His field -- search marketing and optimization -- is often mysterious and, even more often, mind-numbingly detailed. Yet Leif has an intuitive grasp of its ins and outs and explains every aspect of his work in easy to understand terms. Over the past year Leif has increased our traffic and, more importantly, helped us understand which online marketing dollars were spent effectively. We just wrapped up our 2010 planning and Leif figures prominently in all our online efforts. We look forward to another fruitful year with Leif and Mastermynde.
Alex Dunae | Oak Bay Marine Group

David JenkinsI have worked with Leif for several years, first as a colleague at Business Objects and, more recently, as a client at BuildDirect. Leif is an excellent web designer. He produces high-quality work that is timely and cost-effective. His solid understanding of business issues enables him to contribute strategically as well as technically.
David Jenkins | BuildDirect

Leif is a knowledgeable individual that has been very helpful with our I.T. or web based requests. He is generally good with work turn around - and always available for consultation. Leif is definately an asset to our needs.
Steven Hegedus | Vida Wellness Spas

Aaron HeppellI am greatly satisfied with the results of Leif's services. From the very start my website obtained more relevant traffic which has generated numerous opportunities for my company. It's been quite some time and the results are still coming through. Thanks Leif!
Aaron Heppell | Brand & Bridge

Deanna TaylorAlthough I haven't worked with Leif very long I truly appreciate his calm attitude and the fact that he understands and responds to an "Urgent" request ptomptly. He does good follow-up as well, he's a pleasure to work with.
Deanna Taylor | Libart Enclosure Systems

Craig DavidukLeif has provided all aspects of web production and marketing for my company since 1998. In the past couple years he has focused mainly on SEO for my web sites. Leif has two amazing strengths. First, he can converse with me about technical matters in a language I can understand. Second, he has developed multi prong web marketing strategies that work. Leif's skills more than pay for themselves. I enjoy high rankings on google and a North American reach that allow me to have a very diversified clientele. I think the best testimonial I could give Leif is this: until 2 years ago, I used to spend marketing dollars on yellow pages, trade shows, print ads and allocate a small portion to web marketing. Now Leif gets 90% of my marketing budget because I can see the results. The return on investment by hiring Leif is huge. My sales have increased from 30-150% a year since employing him. He's no slouch at graphic design either!
Craig Davidiuk | Ultimate Promotions & Earth Imprints

Craig DavidukLeif Jason has an extremely top level work ethics with great results and very easy to work with. Leif is to the point and guides you to the top. Would I use Leif again? 'Absolutely!'... would I recommend him 'you bet!' I recommended Leif to my Professional Association... the Traditonal Chinese Medicine Assocation of BC and Leif won the bid and designed our new webpage www.tcmabc.org. Good energy your way!
Rachelle Desforges Wendt | Northview Acupuncture

Carole HerderLeif is helping us build our web presence with a focus on direct marketing. We are very exciting to be moving the business in this direction and Leif is providing the support and direction to make it all happen.
Carole Herder | Cavallo Horse & Rider

Sandy HuangLeif is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has been providing me with excellent advice and practical solutions for my online marketing needs. I'm most impressed by his responsiveness and professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend Leif to my contacts.
Sandy Huang | Pin Point Tactics Business Consulting

Mary MouatI have no hesitation in recommending Leif and his work. Our web site was tired and dated and Leif quickly revamped the look. It was difficult to choose only three attributes for Leif - he is personable, extremely knowledgable, has integrity and is creative - so, well done and thanks again Leif.
Mary Mouat | Quadra Legal

I can confidently recommend Leif. He provided lovetrees.ca with excellent site optimisation, search engine analysis and site submission support. His work has helped Love Trees attract corporate clients to our kid's environmental learning website boosting sales of tree planting certificates - and helping to make the world a better place!
Andrea Koehle Jones | Love Trees

Walter StoltingLeif is an asset for our company and we highly recommend him for any SEO and website development project."
Walter Stolting | Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery

Paul BurgoyneWe were extremely pleased with Leif's work in hosting and designing our website as well as the web marketing putting us in a high ranking position. Leif was a pleasure to work with in all aspects and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. We hope to work with Leif in future endeavours as his professionalism will be missed. Thanks again Leif!”
Paul Burgoyne | Tyee Lake Resort

James C. ThomasenLeif created our web site and we continuously receive many positive comments from our clients; Leif's knowledge of Internet Marketing has also increased traffic to our web site. I will continue to use Leif's services; he always 'delivers' in a timely cost effective manner.
James C. Thomasen | Pinnacle Investigations

Susan CloughWe hired Leif to help us develop our website when we launched our business in 2004. He exercised great patience with our lack of technological savy, and was able to faciliate all aspects of our web based site and store. We have since used his services for SEO work and found him to be exceptionally professional, methodical and punctual. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other businesses-- in fact we have already sent a few people his way!
Susan Clough | Hankypanky.ca

Kevin BrownLeif is an outstanding Web designer and Search Engine Optimization specialist who has provided excellent results on our collaborative efforts developing a unique, E-Commerce website.
Kevin Brown | GBCCadd.com

Eric ArmourLeif has been instrumental in the development of www.trinityromance.com. His deep knowledge of the medium has been nothing short of exceptional, and we look forward to doing business with him in the future.
Eric Armour | Trinity Romance

Scott ComberI've worked with Leif for several years now and I've always found him to be responsive, responsible and reasonable. He has an excellent understanding of the web and is able to explain sophisticated processes in easy to understand language. I would happily recommend his services.
Scott Comber | Shift Inc.

Tracy KobusI appreciate Leif's knowledge and expertise when working on my website. He is very personable with great ideas; as well he is a great listener to others' ideas as well.
Tracy Kobus | Visual Artist

Nathan TichenorLeif always responds to my needs with intelligent solutions, explained clearly. His patience and expertise are much-valued; I trust his advice completely.
Nathan Tichenor | Crescent Entertainment

Darryl RayI have been nothing but pleased with our business relationship with Leif. He is professional yet personable and I highly recommend him whenever the opportunity arises.
Darryl Ray | The Butler Did It Catering

Bill CozzensI hired Leif to help us out of a substantial mess left after our previous Web design company fizzled and let us down badly. Leif stepped up to the mark and provided us with great design services, and worked closely with me to allow me interface my own technical skills where appropriate. End result was a great website and great value.
Bill Cozzens | Healers In Business

Darlene VidmarLeif is an intelligent and motivated individual. He is an outstanding SEO that produces results no matter what. He has also just designed my first email newsletter, and I was very happy with the end product. I highly recommend him for Graphic/Web design and SEO services...you won't be disappointed.
Darlene Vidmar | Love Shack Canada

Ken CahoonI have been working with Leif since early 2005. I have found him to be knowledgeable, responsive, and valuable in the areas of web marketing, design, and development. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone apart from a competitor.
Ken Cahoon | Canpro Global

Leif is always available to help when he is needed. He comes very highly recommended by our company.
Justin MacKenzie | Pacific Rim Rentals

Arnie BurtschellLeif is great to work with, always on time, honest, to the point, & fairly priced. I highly recommend him.
Arnie Burttschell | Palomas Home Furnishings

Allison JanseBecause of Leif's help and expertise, my Web site was fully functional well before I needed it to be, and the graphics looks professional, clean, and imaginative. He was always available to answer any questions and I would recommend him highly.
Allison Janse | Germ Freaks Guide

Tina KaizerWorking with Leif to help increase my real estate business has been invaluable, He is  prompt to my requests and is very professional andI look forward to a long term business relationship.
Tina Kaizer | Sunshine Coast Realtor

Lenny Piroth-RobertLeif helped us organize our company's website in an organized and effective way which enabled us to get better visibility and reach more potential clients.
Lenny Piroth-Robert | Daddy Mojo

Kimberley BurgoyneI have used MasterMynde Mediawork's services in Web Design and E-Marketing a number of times and plan to use them again soon! Leif's style is relaxed (which is great) and the job gets done precisely, professionally and with expertise every time. I also appreciate his superlative integrity w/regards to time vs. effort. 100% value and worth every dollar.
Kimberley Burgoyne | Big Ape Marketing & Metrics

Alison Joy CrossI really enjoyed working with Leif at Mastermynde Strategy on my company's web site. I consider myself a high needs client with lots of demands and had a need overall consulting. I was satisfied by Leif constant communication and attention to detail. I asked a lot from Leif and he was able to produce in any / every area. He made a huge impression on me when he was there to help out after a hacker totally messed up by web site.
Alison Joy Cross | Baby Buddha

Leif has done a very good job at a reasonable rate to help build up the traffic to our site.
Michael Gluckstern | My College Guide

Mike MaffeiWe at Buddhaful can't say enough about Leif! He has helped us so much with his expertise, knowledge and skills. He also has a knack for communicating well with us non-techie people, being able to translate technical talk into the most basic language anyone can understand. He has been very patient and accomodating in helping us to set up our new website, which required way more time and involvement than we had first anticipated. We would highly recommend Leif for all of your website, graphic and marketing needs! Go Leif! :)
Mike Maffei | Buddhaful

Michael UpwardLeif created our website and has been looking after it since 2005. We have been very pleased with all that he has provided for us. Leif is easy to communicate with and always easy to get a hold of. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Leif!
Michael Upward | Upward Construction

Leif has been a professional from the first step. Clear and precises and keeps us in the loop as the latest trends and web info. We are hiring Leif for the second time now and will be keeping him as long as we can. Excellent results that we can measure and see our business growing.
Maggie Holmes | Hanky Panky

Leif is always offers great reccommendations whilst working on the seo for my web site. He's efficient and quick to response to my questions.
Rebecca Flentjar | BC Island Homes

Leif has offered lots of great advice and is wonderful to work with. He respects my opinion and listens to my needs.
Michelle Hughes | Comox Valley Acupuncture

Peter JohnstonLeif balances a sound understanding of both technology and business. He is a pleasure to work with.
Peter Johnston | NAI Limited

Shayne StuchberyIt has been just fantastic to work with Leif. In addition to being excellent at SEO and increasing our traffic, he has also been very open and accessible with his expertise. Helpful and progressive, it is an attitude that makes for a productive business relationship. I highly recommend Leif. He is a great guy, and a great guy to work with.
Shayne Stuchbery | Coastal Trek Resort

Rob DavidsonLeif is a very reliable resource when it comes to web design. Not only is his work graphically on strategy, but he executes his work with a high level of attention to detail, making QA a breeze. What I like most about working with Leif is that he comes at his work from a business strategy context, not just from a design point of view.
Rob Davidson | BuildDirect

Chris FellbaumLeif has been very helpful in getting us back on top for our SEO needs, he has been diligent & on the ball to quickly respond to our needs. I would recommend him to friends, as is how he was recommended to me.
Chris Fellbaum | Lonsdale Events

Phil LempertLeif has brought an entire new dimension to our websites and newsletters...not only increasing our traffic - but also adding innovative ideas and thinking. Above all, he is a pleasure to work with!
Phil Lempert | Supermarket Guru

Leif has done an excellent job providing guidance and expertise related to development and implementation of corporate web sites. He also has done a great job with web marketing, web site optimization, and creating web based survey tools. I would highly recommend Leif and Mastermynde to anyone needing his services.
Mark Storen | Tectus

Lesley RobertsLeif increased our web sales almost 300% over a one year period. He is great to work with and is very reliable and punctual responding to any questions we have.
Lesley Roberts | Hankettes

Sharon BonnerLeif has been working with my company for 2.5 years now and has performed amazing results. I don't know what I would do without him, as he keeps Bright Ideas in the forefront of the event industry searches. I would highly recommend Leif for any web marketing projects, as he provides incredible results!
Sharon Bonner | Bright Ideas Events

Leif has worked closely with us in developing and updating our website for the past several years. Monthly he updates our search engines and tries to keep us Number 1! We appreciate his knowledge and excellent work ethics at a very reasonable cost. We would definitely recommend him for anyone requiring a web page with continual updates.
Charlotte Davidiuk | Juniper Emblems

Adam GloverLeif deals with his customers with a very professional yet personal approach. We found that his vast knowledge of Website Design and Search Engine Optimization has helped our company grow with online shopping and inquiries. We would recommend him to anyone wanting to grow their business online.
Adam Glover | Juniper Emblems

Leif does a great job detailing the steps he's taken to achieve his results and incorporates our feedback into his work.
Jill Smillie | Oak Bay Marine Group

James SmithLeif has been instrumental in establishing my web presence and driving my business in an industry increasingly becoming dependent on web marketing.
James Smith | Realtor

Kathy PickusWe hired Leif as an SEO consultant to provide advice and direction on increasing our website traffic. He was endless with his recommendations and quick with his responses. My partner and I learned quite a bit about SEO optimization and are pleased with the improvements he brought to our site.
Kathy Pickus | Dot Girl First Period Products

Dan McCormickWell, Leif Jason, Creative Director at Mastermynde Strategy has just performed his incredible magic so that my website, PhotographyTips.com, shows up in Google.com using "photography" as the search word, in the top ten. Think of that! My website shows up as Number 8 out of 115 million Google hits when you use "photography" as your search word! It is mind-boggling! It will lead to many new memberships, more product sales and much greater profitability. What else could I ask for? I am so happy.
Dan McCormick | Photography Tips

Roger FreemanInfectious Awareables, Inc. first established its online presence back in the internet dark ages of 1997.  We were fortunate to be referred to Leif Jason a few years later, under some duress, and have been working with him seamlessly for many years now.  I am pleased to be able to recommend his services without reservation.  Leif, in my opinion, is an “outlier” in his profession, for while he is obviously technically capable, he also has excellent communication skills – unusual for a “geek,” and a critical advantage when working with us “civilians” who don’t know HTML from pc HELL.   His work ethic is first class; he has always been there for us when time is of the essence, or any other time, for that matter.  Rest assured your company will be well served with Leif Jason and Mastermynde on your team.
Roger Freeman | Infectious Awareables

I worked with Leif for several years on multiple projects ranging from SEO to web design, as well as technical web development. Leif always exhibited an extremely pragmatic approach to solving problems, was extremely collaborative, and results driven on everything we delivered. In addition to this, I found Leif to be an all round nice guy - He was one of the people at Business Objects who made it a pleasure to go to work.
Jeff King | Business Objects

Marc BitangaLeif assisted us in our internet marketing initiatives introducing us to search engine optimization. His expertise, professionalism and personable demeanor made the project a successful experience. I have no hesitation recommending Leif to other small businesses who need assistance with their web marketing initiatives.
Marc Bitanga | Pinky & Company

Linda OpricaWorking with Leif is effortless. I feel that my business interests are totally taken care of and taken care of at an expert level. His brilliance shines through. I feel totally confident in his ability to do what needs to be done for my businesses. Thanks Leif!
Linda Oprica | Village Hideaway & Ascent Coaching

Since hiring Leif my phone is ringing continually with people who have discovered my company on-line. He has more than paid for himself month after month. I will continue to use Leif and I would advise anyone who is serious about using their website to market their products do the same.
Dave Seagrim | Watermart

Erin PimmMy web stats/SEO guru... If you want the rankings - talk to this man. Very easy to deal with, fast responses and solutions and HIGHLY recommended. (Well, I did buy Luxotica from him and Lori so I am a little partial)
Erin Pimm | Luxotica

Rachel KarlinLeif has been a fantastic business partner. My business has grown significantly since working with Leif. Due to his expertise, hard work and creativity my business has grown tremendously due to a strong web presence. I continue to work with Leif and find he provides tremendous value at a reasonable price.
Rachel Karlin | Ola Salon

Dan JasonWow! Leif has helped take Salt Spring Seeds to another level. Seeds are flying off the shelves and online sales are beyond what I would have ever expected. If you need a guy to help you do business on the internet, I don't know anyone better suited to the task.
Dan Jason | Salt Spring Seeds

Vicky NeedhamIt has been a great pleasure working with Leif with very pleasing results. Since setting our goals,Leif has been awesome at following through, checking in with us and monitoring our progress.We have been very pleased with results to date and look forward to a continued successful relationship.
Vicky Needham | Powell River Realtor

Teri ThorsonLeif was able to create my vision for my website just as I requested and adding creative touches to make it even better. He was easy to work with, clear and descriptive to a non-techie, and met every timeline.
Teri Thorson

Fiona WallsI’ve worked with Leif for two years now and I’ve grown to rely on his competent assistance and advice for all things web. His marketing work has made a big difference in the number of leads and inquiries that I receive via my website. I am constantly referring people to him for web services because I know he can be trusted to do timely and cost-effective work
Fiona Walls | Salt Spring Island Realtor

Robyn McMahonLeif has redesigned our real estate website www.gabriolaproperty.com as well as ongoing SEO and graphic design for templates, advertisements, etc. He is always creative and helpful in coming up with solutions to our problems and we have been very happy with the results.
Robyn McMahon | Gabriola Island Realtor

Kathy LynnInternet marketing is something we all know is important and we need the expertise of Leif to make it really happen. He's a pleasure to work with and knows his stuff.
Kathy Lynn | Parenting Today

Dwight MilfordThank you so much for all you have done for helping Affinity Guesthouse with our web expansion last year. The fabulous work you did on the SEO is still paying dividends. I have to tell you: the thing I like best about working with you is how professional and punctual you are. It was a treat being your client: you never left me wondering...and I really appreciate it.
Dwight Milford, Affinity Guesthouse

Wendy IglesiasLeif has been helping to increase the visibility of my web page. He has made several helpful suggestions, replies to emails very quickly and consistently, and sends reports to back up his work. He is always willing to discuss ideas and issues on the phone - makes working together long distance possible. I like knowing there is someone helping my web page in an area I know nothing about.
Wendy Iglesias | Maritimer B & B

Joanne EnnisLeif provides a quick turnaround time servicing my website. No question is too small and he always responds in detail with patience. I would recommend Leif to anybody that needs their website serviced.
Joanne Ennis | Squamish Realtor

I found Leif through another web site with excellent search engine results. His forte is Search Engine Optimization and he is extremely knowledgeable in this area. I had taken my site as far as my abilities allowed and have hired Leif with a long term relationship in mind to take it t the next level. So far, I am very happy with his work. He is very accessible and is willing to take time to discuss the direction of my site. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of expert web and Search Engine Optimization services.
Yvonne Harris | GoSki.ca

Leif has been working on my website since the summer of 2008 and our rankings have put us in the top 3 spots for our area. I have always found him to be quick in responding to any concerns that I have and looks after all the maintenance of the website with very little input from me. This is nice as it is one less thing I have to worry about. I would recommend Leif to anyone that needs to tweak out their website and take it to the next level.
David Bossom | Island Waterscapes

Daniel WilliamsI can not recommend Leif enough. With the utmost capability and professionalism, he has helped my business grow through his website design and amazing SEO capabilities. Through the whole process Leif has taken care to keep me informed and empowered by giving me the choices and showing me how to further increase my web exposure. The end result is a product I am completely satisfied with and his continuing support is much appreciated.
Daniel Wiliams | Morningstar Marine

Pat DescheneauxLeif is the best! He is responsible for the original design of our website and he carries out web marketing activities to ensure we stay at the top of the Google search heap. We have always been impressed with Leif’s ability to take our basic ideas and turn them into a fantastic reality. He has proven to be a terrific source of ideas and information regarding the ever changing landscape of Internet & business and has assisted in keeping our website as relevant and useful as possible. Leif is approachable, honest and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Leif to any small- to mid-sized business that is looking to maximize their web exposure.
Pat Descheneaux | Descheneaux Insurance Recruiters

Garrett GosselinLeif and Matt at Mastermynde are a pleasure to work with, they always answer all my questions thoroughly and very quickly. Leif is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone. I hope to continue to work with him, I am sure he will help me get to the TOP!!!
Garrett Gosselin
Alpine North Limousine

JC Pierre BourbonnaisI have known Leif for several years in a professional relationship. Libart Enclosure Systems had been searching for a web designer and had not succeeded in finding a service provider who could really understand our business and what would be needed to create an informative yet stunning website. Leif quickly assimilated our concept and diligently set-out to create the exceptional web Libart now has. I would encourage anyone looking for a conscientious, creative and dedicated web designer to visit libart.com to truly appreciate the skill-sets Leif possesses. Although what you will see is impressive enough, Leif is also a master at the back-end, the less-visible web demographics, in extracting valuable marketing data from the history and provenance of visitors. My closing remark is simply this: If you are looking to get the best value for your investment, Leif rates amongst the best.
JC Pierre Bourbonnais | Envirocloak

Leif shares suggestions and ideas, then implements agreed upon strategies quickly. Assists to identify problem areas and recommends options that will create solutions.
Judy Treherne | Best Home Bedding

Testimonials from Business Associates

Karley CunninghamLeif is definitely a team player, which is a must when we choose our partners to help us help our clients succeed. An expert in SEO & SEM we have confidence in his knowledge, methods and processes, but best of all he makes it easy for us - which in turn provides peace of mind that we are partnering with the right expert to reach the goals of 3 DEGREES WEST and those of our clients. Always professional, and happy to assist, working with Leif (& Mastermynde) has been a pleasure thus far!
Karley Cunningham, 3 degrees west

Maria RossWhen my clients need top-notch SEO and web marketing advice and execution help, I turn to Leif and Mastermynde. I had the pleasure of working with him many years ago at Business Objects and he's carried those qualities I admired then - almost encyclopedic knowledge of SEO/web marketing, an eye for design, easy to work with, efficient, smart, savvy - with him to Mastermynde. I and my clients feel like we're in expert hands with him, and in just months he can movee the needle and get results on your web strategy - he guides you through even the things you don't know enough to ask about! Leif is a godsend when it comes to web marketing and increasing traffic and I highly recommend him.
Maria Ross, Red Slice

Justin JohnsonWorking with Leif was fantastic. He's smart and knowledgeable, and his project management is a model of clarity and responsiveness. He's easy to approach and you always feel like he respects you. I'm looking forward to working with him again."
Justin Johnson, FatBird.ca

Leif was great to work with - we got the results we had hoped to achieve, on time, and on budget - the whole process was smooth and easy. And beyond knowing his stuff, his follow-up was truly professional. I'll be working with Leif and Mastermynde again!"
Leigh Striegler, Olive Design Inc.

Leif has been an integral part in helping my clients with their websites. He is always readily available when I have a technical question, and open to suggestions and/or meetings when we tackle a new project. Leif always completes projects on time and on budget and gets the job done to specs. I highly recommend Leif for your next web project.
Nicole O'Keefe, Out of this World Graphix

Cheryl TakahashiLeif is a highly knowledgeable, personable professional who is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. When clients ask me about SEO, I always recommend Leif.
Cheryl Takahashi , Takahashi Design

bluefish clients interested in SEO work are most commonly referred to Leif at Mastermynde. He has proven to have great customer service skills. I appreciate that he takes the time to ensure I always have an excellent understanding of the work he does with the clients we share. Because we are both working on the same websites this level of communication is critical and ensures a smooth process for everyone involved - especially the client. I feel confident recommending Leif because he shares the same level of service to his clients. As well, the SEO edits he makes to the websites I create do not significantly alter its design/layout and the code is always valid and free from errors. I appreciate that.
Lee Kendel, bluefish website design and development

Yolanda BrooksLeif is extremely responsive and flexible, generous with his time and a great source of creative and technical advice. He thinks not just about the job at hand but how to best serve his clients over the long term. His contacts and experience have been extremely valuable and he is a pleasure to work with.
Yolanda Brooks, Professional Copywriter

Foley LynnI've hired Leif dozens of times over the years as a contractor to do web site design and marketing. The most telling story that involves Leif had to do with him stepping up when the person I had lined up to fill in for me while I was away on my honeymoon flaked out on me at the last minute. Leif stepped in and told me not to worry about a thing. I didn't, and when I got back, he was able to deal with everything that came his way during my abscence. Very few people could have stepped in at that point and had my full trust, but Leif did and that's what makes him so valuable.
Foley Lynn, Foley Design Studio

Paul LopesLeif is the first person we recommend when it comes to SEO services. Past clients have always been pleased with his work and service. You can be assured that your clients will be in good hands with Leif.
Paul Lopes, Loca Lola Design Team

Don MacaulayI worked with Leif on terminalcity.tv -- a promotional web site for the Canadian television mini-series Terminal City. Leif is a very smart guy when it comes to the web. His web planning and css design skills are up there with the best. I can't wait to work with him again.
Don Macaulay, Macaulay Media

Kane NickolichukOver the years I've worked with Leif many times and will take any opportunity to work with him the future. He's someone that I know I can count on when things need to get done and he will always make sure work stays on track. Recently we worked together to move web clients to a new more stable location. Leif went beyond what he was tasked to do to make sure we met our aggressive timelines. Leif is also one of the most organized people I know and I look to him for tips in improving my own organizational skills.
Kane Nickolichuk, Ethos Technology

Jamie McCueLeif is an asset to anyone seeking SEO assistance on their projects. I contacted Leif to help with the rankings for a realtor website I was working on and within a few months the results were amazing. I highly recommend Leif for his proficiency and professionalism.
Jamie McCue, Architexture

Chantal McCullochI have enjoyed working with Leif - his professionalism and quick response makes my job easier! I am always quick to recommend Mastermynde when clients are eager for search engine optimization (seo) and marketing work.
Chantal McCulloch, ink. design

Chris KeamI'm seeing how Leif's expertise is helping my business every day. I especially appreciate the way in which he can clearly outline what to expect and what needs to be done to see a project through to a successful completion.
Chris Keam, Professional Copywriter

Nathan WallaceLeif is a consummate professional who combines detailed and expert knowledge about his profession, while being someone you can count on to keep to deadlines. I do not hesitate to recommend him.
Nathan Wallace, Wallace i Media

Laurie McConnellLeif has that rare mix of skills: creative, interpersonal, and technical. I have used Leif for SEO work for a number of clients, and also rely on him as a sounding board for my own company's strategic planning for the Web. I thoroughly recommend Leif.
Laurie McConnell, Bad Dog Design

Paul NiedzielaLeif has proven to be to be an asset to my clients and I continue to recommend him to all applicable associates.
Paul Niedziela, Raven Isle Consulting

Kevin SnellLeif has demonstrated exceptional aptitude regarding online marketing. His broad expertise goes beyond typical search engine marketing to encompass conversion analysis and a thorough understanding of web design and development elements that affect the online marketing of a site. His goals are not only about web site traffic generation, but converting those visitors into real world sales and leads. He has excellent communication skills and a friendly, knowledgeable approach. I highly recommend Leif for any web related projects.
Kevin Snell, Formulate

Amanda WoloshynTenacious. When Leif tackled my clients' website, he unearthed a mountain of shortcomings and new potential, as well as actively engaged with outside support vendors to update and improve their services. His broad range of expertise has made him a valuable consultant on various projects in addition to the SEO he was originally hired for. Leif's ability to traverse between the technical and marketing domains makes him an asset to any online venture.
Amanda Woloshyn, AWMD

Testimonials from Employees

Rupert HoweI've learnt a lot working with Leif, even though we rarely meet in person - and it's been a pleasure. He handles a large number of clients with unflustered professionalism and warmth, and his management style is also unfailingly clear and supportive.
Rupert Howe, Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Naomi JasonLeif is probably the best employer I've ever worked for. He is up-front, encouraging, relaxed, patient - I could go on. The work that he does for his clients is genuine and thorough. (okay, he's my brother, but it's true!)
Naomi Jason, SEO Specialist

Matt DurwoodLeif is an amazing person to work for. He has that rare balance of intelligence and drive on the one hand, and flexibility and understanding on the other. I don't think I have ever felt so valued by an employer.
Matt Durwood, Website Optimization Specialist

Tracy DixonLeif is a fantastic employer. I really appreciate his availability, patience and guidance, and his sincere desire to send projects my way that he knows would be of interest to me. It is nice to see that such an expert in his field is also an expert in employee management.
Tracy Dixon, Internet Marketing Specialist

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