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LIFT BizDev Workshop for Comox Valley

June 5, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm
Location changes monthly

Grow your business! This is a regular workshop for entrepreneurs working on growing or developing business. Part of the #WeAreYQQ / series of activities. See who’s “on deck” this month at

Every month the #WeAreYQQ Project hosts a roundtable, collaborate business development workshop, facilitated by hpm. Two businesses are workshopped, using the “Pirate Metrics” model as a guideline: AARRR = Acquisition of customers, Activation of customers, Retention, Referral, and Revenue.

Note: 1st Monday and 3rd Weds for nine months of the year (no workshops July, August, and December).

FMI about getting your business or project “on deck” with this transformative workshop, contact us via

We also encourage you to request to join the #WeAreYQQ Slack team at

And, more Comox Valley entrepreneur events are listed at



1. Getting the most out of your time on deck

We’re doing something different and something special with these #WeAreYQQ bizdev workshops. Collaboration rather than competition is the new buzz word in the business and community economic development world. We’re doing that, and we’re getting attention from people outside of our region who are curious about what we’re doing.

Here’s why: When your business goes on deck you’re part of a unique and important experience. You’ll be receiving the attention of a room of people who want to help you grow your business, who want to see you become more profitable, better able to hire people, better able to be part of a growing entrepreneurial economy. And the cost for all this help? Almost nothing – less than $20 to cover some admin costs, the same as the people who are volunteering to help you grow your business.

Take advantage of this opportunity by:

– Showing your stuff. Give is something to touch, taste, experience.
– Having business cards or brochures with websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, etc
– Having a hashtag / #tag ready so that when we post about your product or service it’s easy for you to find and RT, repost, comment on, etc.
– Inviting the right people to the workshop, the people whose feedback and insights will help move your business to the next level. Send them this URL right now so they can register.You’ll find your workshop registration page listed at and the Facebook event here:
– Thinking about these metrics, and being ready to talk about them (even if it’s to say this is where you need help):

– Acquiring customers
– Activating customers
– Retaining customers
– Referrals from and for customers
– Revenue model.
– Using the #WeAreYQQ Slack channel we’ll create for you. This is important. Your “on deck” experience can be ongoing if you choose to keep engaging Team #WeAreYQQ on Slack. Take advantage of the team. Contribute to the team. Help us make shift happen by making shift happen in your business!

2. Workshop format:

– You’ll get 5 minutes to pitch – and make an ask (very important) Be clear about your ask, what it is you need to level up/ get started/ grow your business. We will video your pitch, for your reference later. Bring an SD card or thumb drive so we can give the video clip to you immediately after the workshop.
– You’ll get 40 minutes to get feedback. Please bring a recording device (mobile, tablet, a collaborator as notetaker)

3. What I need ASAP: You can also provide this via the application form at

– 50-100 word description
– Your social / inter web connex: website, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Flickr, YouTube, other
– Your give-back to the table, if any (give-backs are a way of saying thank you – and a great way to start building customer /client base)

4. Cost of workshop to your business
The cost for getting workshop attention is minimal (basically some admin cost), but your team will have to register if you haven’t already done so. $20 of this placeholder fee is returned to you when you show up. Be sure to pre-register. At the door is $40 with no cash back.

The workshops are catered with “appetizers” (when available we use Rahel’s Food: Middle Eastern Fusion, a business that launched with the #WeAreYQQ bizdev workshops in 2015). Cost ranges $100-150 depending on size of group. You are asked to cover 50% this cost.

Total cost to you: $150-250, depending on venue (this covers venue, some catering, and some administration costs). This cost can also be used as a “downpayment” on the LIFT PR / Marketing package (see #6 below).

5. Giving back to the startup community
The value to your business on deck is inestimable – potentially $1000+ worth of business coaching insights bundled into a minimal attendance charge. We want to keep the entry costs low, but we need to make this process sustainable. We therefore ask that you consider subscribing as a LIFT Champion, if you haven’t already done so.

Among other perks, you receive:

– free access to all #WeAreYQQ parties,
– free access to regular LIFT BizOnDeck workshops (business development, collaborative marketing, etc),
– discounts with Mastermynde Strategy,, McKinnon Photography, Sure Copy, Aero Art Screen Printing, Matia Meyer Design, Ivan’s Truffles, and more. FMI see (this is being updated regularly with new perks for members of Team LIFT subscribers; new perks may not yet be listed; if you’d like to add your business to the list of perks, be in touch; FMI see

6. Post workshop support: follow up, the LIFT PR / Marketing Package
As an “on deck” business you are eligible for a unique LIFT marketing package. While many “on deck” businesses take advantage of this opportunity, it is not expected of any business that goes on deck. The package includes:

– an article (with photograph) in the Comox Valley Record;
– a YouTube video;
– a blog post with video on the blog;
– a Facebook video post with article on the WeAreYQQ Facebook page;
– a short Instagram video;
– Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook marketing follow up for 3 months
– $50 “starter package” print discount with Sure Copy and $100 SEO / online marketing discount with Mastermynde Strategy (contact me if you want to take advantage of this option and I will alert Sure Copy and Mastermynde Strategy).

Regular cost of this marketing and PR package is $2000. For LIFT VIPs (subscribers) who go “on deck” $750 (minus any BizOnDeck workshop fees, see #4 above). For non-LIFT VIPs $1000 (minus any BizOnDeck workshop fees, see #4 above).

7. Follow up
I will also be following up with businesses that have been “on deck.” You will have pages of notes (or 45 minutes of recording – many businesses have recorded their 45 minutes on deck with phones or other recording devices). The next step is to create priorities. What are you next steps? What are your 3 / 6 / 12 month goals?

I’m also asking people to consider finding an Accountability Partner: someone with whom you’ll be sharing daily or weekly task lists.

1. Your “ask” is what you want from the table – help with finding customers, naming a service, reaching out to new markets – whatever.
2. “Give back” is something to acknowledge the help you’ve received, that others have volunteered. It doesn’t have to be free services or discounted products. Think creatively about what you can “give back” that will help others (for example, you could “give back” to Team #WeAreYQQ by RT’ing all posts tagged #WeAreYQQ for a week or a month – or forever, because that’s how you roll, you want to support creatives and entrepreneurs in this region).
4. It’s not up to you to invite people – HOWEVER, I encourage you to make sure that the people you want there will be there. Your personal invitation means much more than my generic email, Facebook, Twitter invitations.
5. Accountability Partner: a person in the workshop you want to develop a working “accountability” relationship, someone with whom you sha

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